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Clear Captor Chastity Cage

Clear Captor Chastity Cage

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Confine your sub in this clear chastity prison! The Clear Captor locks your partners sexuality in clear view, preventing them from pleasuring themselves until you set them free. Made with forgiving materials for long term comfort, as well as a generous amount of ventilation holes and a pee through tip.

The Clear Captor includes 4 ball rings of graduating size to fit all kinds of ball sacks! Whether your partner is high and tight or loose and large, choose from the smallest 1.7 inch ring to the largest 2.2 inches to lock their balls until further notice.

The durable ABS plastic used for the Clear Captor is smooth and forgiving, perfect for all day chastity play. The cage itself features plenty of ventilation and a cum-thru tip for the necessaries, but remains rigid and firm for a sense of security and confidence for the wearer.

The secure locking mechanism secures this cage without pesky locks getting in the way! The Clear Captor includes two keys, one for you and the other for your sub in case of emergencies.

Small Cage Measurements: Overall Length 3.9 inches, widest diameter 1.5 inches

Medium Cage Measurements: Overall Length 4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches

Large Cage Measurements: Overall Length 4.4 inches, widest diameter 1.7 inches

Rings Inner Diameter: Small 1.7 inches, Medium 1.8 inches, Large 2 inches, X-large 2.2 Inches
Materials: ABS Plastic

Color: Transparent

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dave H.
My Favorite Cage!

I went through many cages before finally landing on this one and boy was I pleased! Takes a little lube to get into but fits snugly and doesn't fall off when you go soft. I could wear this one for days!

Warren C.

This was my first cage and I really liked it at first. But the locking mechanism broke after 2 weeks. I replaced it with the cb6000s which was much more comfortable.

Gabriel C.
Very Comfortable

I ordered this for self Chastity. I can the ring size selection is nice and the fit is perfect. I use this alongside my Rikers 24/7 Metal belt. depending on my work schedule. Once it's locked, you are not getting out without the key.